Accelerate your transformation with Hybrid IT

Your business needs the right mix of security, agility and cost control to maintain a competitive edge. Hybrid IT can help you get there with the economics of the public cloud, and the control and security of on-premise IT.

Meet HPE Synergy

The HPE Synergy solution with “infrastructure as code,” combined with our services, will help you put the speed and flexibility of cloud in your own secure data center. Fluid resource pools, software-defined intelligence, and a unified API will give you more control over IT and allow you to do more with less.

The world’s first truly composable infrastructure

Software-defined intelligence for frictionless operations

Integrate across a unified API

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How your peers are preparing for the future of IT

Is your IT ready? IDG recently talked to a number of your peers about the need for infrastructure modernisation.

Composable infrastructure drives operational efficiency and reduce cost

Learn how you can future-proof your data centre and slash costs where it counts, especially in software licensing.

Meet HPE ProLiant Gen10

The world’s best-selling server just got better. HPE ProLiant Gen10 is built with the latest technology to give you a secure, performance-driven dense server that you can confidently deploy your most mission critical applications on. Never compromise on your security, agility and flexibility again.

Most secure servers with unmatched threat prevention

Accelerated data performance with enhanced compute

Increased density for hyperconvergence

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Find out the true cost of cyber crime

A 2016 study by the Ponemon Institute showed that the average company experienced two successful attacks per week.

A new compute experience powered by HPE

A new style of business demands a new IT experience. Take a look at a new generation of capabilities powered by Gen10.

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