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Business success is not about the data you have,
but how you use it.

Companies are realising the importance of data-driven insights:

Streamline operations
Drive innovation
Boost business revenue
Accelerate growth

That’s why companies are leveraging technologies such as BYOD and cloud to enable their employees to utilise the wealth of data, anytime, anywhere and create business value. However, legacy systems can’t handle all the demands of a mobile and data-driven company. Sluggish performance, coupled with rigid scalability and costly maintenance complexities, will only slow your employees down.

IT is now a strategic priority instead of a mere functioning role. It’s time to elevate and transform your IT to become an enabler for your business. Accelerate digital and a new data-driven business approach. Empower employees to do more with less. Spur business growth.

Experience the HKBN JOS Difference

At HKBN JOS, we take pride in enabling companies through our technological expertise. As a leading technology consultant, we don’t deliver one-size-fits-all solutions. We deep dive into your company’s challenges, needs, and IT requirements, then tailor offerings that will take your company to new heights.

When we combine our deep expertise with Huawei’s industry-leading technology solutions, we are putting the transformative power of IT into your hands. Embark on your journey to accelerate digital with us and experience efficiency, agility, innovation, and growth like never before.

Flash your business ahead with Huawei flash storage

Data is generated at breakneck speed. As such, staying ahead means having storage that delivers unrivalled performance. Huawei storage solutions give you industry-grade storage along with reliability and efficiency at a competitive price point.

There’s always a Huawei storage solution for every business, large or small.


Affordable, full-featured all-flash array that delivers best entry-level performance

  • 3x application performance improvement
  • Six-nines availability
  • 75% cost savings

Unified hybrid storage perfect for mixed workloads and a tight budget

  • Reliable and fast data recovery
  • 95% lower in multiple disk failure
  • 50% reduction in admin costs


Accelerate digital at great savings with these limited time offers!

Level up your storage! Purchase a powerful Huawei SSD storage at the price of a HDD.

Save when you buy more! Enjoy an extra 50% off on your next purchase when you get Huawei Data Protection Appliance

*Terms and Conditions apply. Promotions are valid till 30th November 2019 only.

Huawei network solution that connects you to success

Connectivity is now everything. That’s why you need to ensure your employees are always connected so they can access business-critical apps and data seamlessly, securely, and reliably. With Huawei Campus Converged Network solution, your employees have a robust, easy-to-use network to work on their own terms and accelerate digital.

Medium Campus

The network of a Multistorey building with 500+ Terminals.


  • 1000M Access
  • Wi-Fi free mobility
  • High security and reliability
  • Plug-and-play deployment

Small Office

The network of one floor office or a shop with 100+ Terminals.


  • Wi-Fi free mobility
  • Key Business with high security and reliability
  • Without maintenance personnel

Mini Office

The network of one office with 60+ Terminals.


  • Wi-Fi free mobility
  • Without maintenance personnel

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