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With organisations and businesses rapidly deploying remote systems and networks for hybrid workforce operations. Cybercriminals use these golden opportunities to steal sensitive data and extort ransomware, causing business disruption by exploiting any security vulnerabilities.
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Importance of VAPT .

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT)

Cyber threats are on the rise as remote work has presented unprecedented security challenges. Cyber attackers target the less discerning hybrid workers by launching advanced malicious websites and phishing emails as click baits. These mean many golden opportunities to exploit any business’s sensitive data.

Organisations must stay vigilant in ensuring the proper resources, technology, and security policies are in place to support the hybrid work paradigm gaps. Test and update your security strategies on a regular basis to maintain a healthy IT environment for your business.

Today's Security

Cyber attacks can cause damages to an organisation when important information of your clients get leak or misused. And as cyberattacks continue to evolve and get more sophisticated, security measures and assessment are more crucial than before.

Services .

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing allows an organisation to assess its security posture against real-world attacks. Consultants known as Penetration Testers will use specialised tools and skillsets to conduct assessments on web applications, networks, mobile applications. They will use specific industry-leading security standards that have been agreed by security specialists worldwide as best practices and standards to secure your applications and networks.

Organisations use such services to identify critical security issues and not so critical security issues to ensure adequate resources can be allocated intelligently and not blindly.


Vulnerability Assessment Penetration Testing is a security testing designed to identify and help address vulnerabilities in your system and evaluate security risks in software to reduce the probability of threats.


Web Applications Penetration Test is a performance tool used for testing web performance, load, and stress testing of web applications, websites, web API, web servers, and other web interfaces.

Services Package .

We provide consultancy and professional services by providing end-to-end solutions, from deployment to implementation, to meet your business requirements. All our VA consultants are Crest Certified.


Basic Network Penetration Test

Web Application Penetration Test

Terms & Conditions
Execute on weekday during business hour, excluding public holiday | The engagement is within a single physical location | Re-scan need to be consumed within 30 days from scan report submission | Excluding remediation action | Excluding any scope not stated above | Post Scan or 2nd scan must be conducted within 30 days after 1st or Pre-Scan VA.

Recognising Your Security Posture.

IT is constantly changing to respond to new vulnerabilities and threats in the cybersecurity landscape. How much you can overcome depends on 3 key factors: Predict, Prevent and Respond to cyberthreats.

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

Know the possible security vulnerabilities in your system to secure them.


Assess your existing security practices/policies and architecture to reduce your security risks.


Prevent them from being the weakest link to cyber attacks.

Response Book

Having a comprehensive security process to follow is crucial in an attack.